On April 20, 2017 on the Avenue des Champs-Elysées, the young police office Xavier Jugelé lost his life during a terror attack. His partner Etienne Cardiels gave a moving speech at the state funeral attended by outgoing President Hollande and incoming President Macron. This is the basis of the film XAVIER by Giovanni Coda, an Italian-American co-production between Labor Films and Atlantis Moon Productions.

At its core, it is love story: the love between two men, the love of country and the love for a life well-lived. It’s a story in which there is no room for hate, even toward those who took Xavier’s life, because that is not how Xavier lived. Told through beautiful images set to the narration of Etienne’s speech, it visually paints the juxtaposition of how we grieve, part dream, part nightmare: our words and thoughts may go in one direction, while the images of our memories take another path, often simultaneously.


Multi award-winning short film, screenings at international film festivals, 2017-2018


Director Giovanni Coda

Executive Producer Giovanni Coda

Producer A.C. Labor | Atlantis Moon Productions

Co-Producers Marco Oppo | Andrea Mascia

Stars Thomas Grascoeur, Marco Casoli