Colonel Patsy Thompson presided over the Review Board that dismissed Colonel Grethe Cammermeyer for being gay. Nobody knew how hard that job was for Colonel Thompson…except the love of her life, Barbara Brass.

Col. Cammermeyer’s expulsion from the Army National Guard for being a lesbian was highly publicized. Her memoir, Serving in Silence, was adapted as a television movie produced by Barbra Streisand and starring Glenn Close in 1995. But Col. Thompson’s story stayed a secret...until now.

SURVIVING THE SILENCE goes deep into her relationship with Barbara Brass, her partner of thirty years. They candidly share how they wrestled with heart-wrenching choices in public and private, hiding their relationship in their own home, speaking in code on the phone during appointments to the Pentagon and abroad, and struggling to protect their love while preserving Col. Thompson’s career. SURVIVING THE SILENCE brings to life the enduring impact of anti-gay laws and attitudes and the hidden aspects of the heartbreaking dismissal by the Review Board - and, Col. Cammermeyer reveals why she considers Col. Thompson a ‘hero.’


Post Production





Director Cindy L. Abel

Director of Photography Michael Bruno

Producer Cindy L. Abel

Consulting Producer Marc Smolowitz

Writers Jesse Stephen Freeman | Cindy L. Abel