NOT FAR FROM THE AGELESS TEMPLES and turquoise waters that beckon tourists, other visitors from nearby countries also gather. But instead of enjoying the seaside and splendor, they struggle to merely survive.

In search of asylum, they’ve come from Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Pakistan and other Middle Eastern countries, passing through Greece on their way to Europe. Now, as the borders have closed, they barely subsist in refugee camps, stranded throughout Athens and the Aegean islands.

Some of them are LGBTQI, fleeing their homeland on a quest for safety, because their lives were constantly threatened. After crossing deserts, surviving bombs, and being smuggled across the Aegean sea, they finally arrived in Greece. And now they’re trapped.

For them, the camps are as dangerous as the country they escaped and the threat of rape, torture and death persists. On their own, their daily struggle for sheer survival is amplified.

They’re former business owners, educators, and professionals who now must beg for food and rely on the kindness of strangers for shelter – while avoiding gay-bashing and praying for relief. As the situation worsens for all refugees, our LGBTQ brothers and sisters are particularly subjected to the worst kind of desperation.

STUCK IN GREECE reveals their desperate plight for home, in a city where they are embraced by neither residents nor refugees. Celebrating the few who eventually find asylum in safe-haven countries, the film honors the perseverance and courage of those who are stuck yet persist, and salutes those who embrace their new life in Greece, forming an organization to support and protect those seeking a path to safety.


Post Production



Director Gerald McCullouch

Producer Gerald McCullouch

Executive Producers David Mixner | Cindy L. Abel

Writers Gerald McCullouch | Cindy L. Abel