BULLIED TO DEATH is an international award-winning, avant-garde Italian-American co-production between Atlantis Moon,  ZenaFilm and Association Fare Cinema and intertwining cinema, photography and performing arts.

BULLIED TO DEATH depicts a 24-hour performance against homophobia set in the future and centered on the life of a 14-year-old American boy, who committed suicide in 2011 after facing severe bullying episodes at school and on the web, as a result of his coming out about his sexuality.

The film is unique in the unusually artistic manner in which such a difficult topic - bullying and teen suicide - is addressed. Unlike the typical telling of horrible events that are so overwhelming, we must turn away, BULLIED TO DEATH offers a compelling depiction of the problem that is so beautifully rendered, we cannot look away. In this exquisite poetry lies the film's power.


Eighth-most awarded Italian independent film, 2016


Director Giovanni Coda

Executive Producers Zena Società Cooperativa | Fare cinema e arte in Sardegna

Producer Atlantis Moon Productions

Writer Giovanni Coda

Stars Tendal Mann, Gianni Dettori, Sergio Anrò, Assunta Pittaluga, Gianluca Sotgiu